BASF invites you to complete an online course that will equip you with S7 Accreditation, which is required by the WA licencing authority before you can use Selontra rodenticide.

With mouse plagues now heavily affecting the agriculture industry, Selontra is set to become even more sought-after.

BASF are hosting digital online Trelona Certified Installer training for technicians and staff.

You are invited to register your interest in attending any of the below sessions.

Available dates are:

Train with FLIR to get the most out of your new Thermal Digital Camera. Course cost is $399 inc GST and is run by FLIR. Contact Craig Warnes to register with your company name, phone number, email and model of FLIR camera (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

ProTrain offers full hands on licencing workshops in the following streams of pest management.

Bayer workshops run throughout Australia at any Garrards branch.  Workshops include product placement, usage, range and more. Come and learn about how Bayer’s range of products can help you eradicate pests effectively and safely.